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Deep Silver have announced that Galaxy on Fire will blast onto Nintendo Switch next month.

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire, to give the game its full name, will be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2018. Developed by Hamburg-based Deep Silver Fishlabs, the sci-fi shooter series has achieved over 25 million downloads across four games on mobile, Mac, and PC.

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire plops players into the cockpit of spaceship to dog-fight with all manner of opponents, such as evil space pirates, vicious mercenaries, and scheming corporations. It’s your job, we expect, to bring balance to the galaxy.

The game promises around eight hours of content across 35 unique locations. The game also includes full Joy-Con and Switch Pro controller support, plus 60fps gameplay in both TV and handheld modes.

Here’s a short teaser of what’s in store:

The game is another welcome addition to the Switch library. The Galaxy on Fire series may not be the most imaginative, but its flight controls and combat gameplay are well executed. Our hunch is that Manticore – Galaxy on Fire will be a more satisfying experience than other titles that have made the journey from mobile to Switch, such as Gear.Club Unlimited.

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