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God of War is out today, and the game’s director, Cory Barlog, reacted to the reviews with an emotional outburst.

After a five-year development period, God of War is out, and Barlog posted a video of himself checking the reviews.

He checks Metacritic, which had the game at 93 overall, before notching up to 94. (Today it’s at 95.)

Barlog says, “[The review scores] shouldn’t matter, but I’m just so f**king proud. I’m just so lucky to work with the people that I work with. I’m glad I didn’t f**k it up.”

It’s a very sweet video to watch, and Barlog dedicates it to his son in the description:

“So, I thought a lot about whether or not to upload but then I thought of what my son, Helo, is going through right now.  He doesn’t want us to be around when he is sad, opting to run in another room and yell at us if we try to come in.

It has been important to us to let him know that it is OK to be sad, it is OK to cry. There is nothing to hide.  I thought I would try to set a good example and show him that papa can cry in front of the world, or at least the 50 people who end up watching this.”

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