Corsair summer sale
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Grab discounts on gaming peripherals and more in the Corsair summer sale

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There are even bigger discounts on certified refurbished gear in the Corsair summer sale.

Summer sales are all the rage right now. Sony’s offering discounts in its Days of Play event, Ubisoft is having a big blowout before E3, and if you need some new hardware? Corsair has you covered.

But which of its many product lines are included in the Corsair summer sale?

There are keyboards and mice, first of all. It would be a weird Corsair sale without them. You’ll also find headsets, including the new Void. So far, pretty much what you’d expect. Savings are particularly impressive on Corsair’s mechanical keyboards.

There’s also an additional 20% off certified refurbished products, including headsets, keyboards, and more.

But then things get a little less expected. They’re selling a certified refurbished 120GB M.2 SSD, which usually costs £94.99, for a minuscule £19.99. There are also USB flash drives, too – also refurbished. They come in 32GB, 128GB, and 512GB variants, which is an odd range. It’s presumably whatever Corsair’s techies were able to repair after making warranty replacements.

The big-ticket items in the Corsair summer sale, though? That’s the Corsair One and Corsair One Pro compact gaming PC. They’ll still cost you a pretty penny – from £1199.99 for the lowest spec Corsair One, up to £1799.99 to the highest spec Corsair One Pro – but those are significant discounts. The former should retail at £1799.99, while the latter ordinarily costs £2649.99.

The Corsair summer sale is on now and runs through until June 11, 2019. Use coupon code “SUMMER2019” to get that additional 20% discount on refurbished kit.

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