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Gran Turismo creator says he’s already working on the next GT game

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Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the Gran Turismo series, says he’s already working on the next game in the long-running franchise.

In an interview with Japanese website Game Watch (as translated by Google), Yamauchi talked about the Gran Turismo series, and about what is in store for the future.

When asked about what plans were currently in store for the next instalment, Yamauchi said, “I can not talk about anything yet, but since the moment releasing GT [Sport], I have started making the next GT.”

What’s interesting is that Yamauchi wasn’t so sure if the next game would be Gran Turismo 7, and he was teasing the idea of motorbikes.

He spoke about the possibility of making a sequel to Tourist Trophy, Polyphony’s bike-racing PS2 game, saying: “I always hear about the sequel of TT, so I do not know whether it will appear as a sequel to TT or whether a motorcycle will appear in GT.”

From the sounds of it, it’s likely that motorbikes will make an appearance in the next Gran Turismo game.

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