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The full first season of IO Interactive’s Hitman is receiving a Definitive Edition and a physical release next month.

Hitman: Definitive Edition will release on PS4 and PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X. It will include all the locations, the summer bonus episode missions, Blood Money skin pack, the Patient Zero campaign, and all other DLC contracts and challenge packs.

After Square Enix withdrew its business with IO Interactive, last year, IO retained the Hitman license, and CEO Hakan Abrak then confirmed another game in the series was being developed.

Abrak then said, in an interview with IGN, “Working with a partner like [Warner Bros.] means that the team at [Io] can stay focused on what we’re good at, making games.”

This release also ties in with IO Interactive’s 20th anniversary, and to celebrate, there are some bonus costumes for 47 to collect.

2016 saw a reinvention of the series: Hitman opted for an episodic format, which changed the ways people play.

Levels were larger than they’d ever been, warren-like and filled with secrets. They encouraged repeat play-throughs – aside from anything else, it would be a while until you got your hands on the next episode!

While it was irritating for a lot of players to have to wait, the pay-off was worth it. What we have, at the end of the series, is the most sublime distillation of the Hitman formula, now complete in a box. What are you waiting for?

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