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A 4.9GB PUBG patch promises to add a raft of changes to improve the player experience on the Miramar desert map.

PUBG’s desert map, Miramar, has had a bit of a mixed reception.

There are some really interesting things about it. There’s a big variety of building types that we’ve not seen on Erangel, including: a bunch of different warehouses and stables; churches and farms; a number of tall, half-built apartment blocks; new industrial and mining installations; some whacking great arenas and stadiums; and a lighthouse you can actually climb up.

But there’s also very little foliage on Miramar, particular the farther north and east you move. There are also huge open expanses, with not much in them at all. Those two things combined meant crossing open areas on foot was perilous. So instead you’d cross it by vehicle, but apparently nobody at PUBG Corp. was familiar with the smoothing tool within the Unreal Engine editor, so that was a ballache as well.

This led to players going to all sorts of effort – from dropping out of desert games until they landed on Erangel, to removing Miramar-related game files to try and stop it loading – to avoid playing on the new map. Which won’t do at all.

Now the latest PUBG patch – clocking in at 4.9GB and available now on the live servers – hopes to address these Miramar-related grumbles, by delivering the following:

  • Added more buildings and cover across the map to improve the engagement experience
  • Added more off-road routes for easier vehicle navigation
  • Upgraded the item spawn level of certain areas for loot balancing (some areas will spawn better loot)

There’s also an upgrade to the replay system, which sadly means your old, stored replays will have disappeared, and a handful of bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where heal and boost items could be used underwater
  • Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in certain areas on Miramar
  • Fixed the issue where wall textures on some Miramar buildings were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed the issue where certain buildings near by Hacienda del Patron were not displaying correctly

It’s positive to see PUBG’s developers listening to user feedback (like removing lobby weapons) or observing their bad behaviour as a cue (with the removal of fog and rainy weather) to constantly tweak and improve the overall experience.

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