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Lords of the Fallen 2 has new developer

Lords of the Fallen 2 is happening, and a new developer, Defiant Studios has joined forces with CI Games to make it.



Lords of the Fallen 2 is happening, and a new developer has joined forces with CI Games to make it.

That developer is Defiant Studios, a small studio based in New York. A number of Avalanche Studios’ founders created the company after the release of Just Cause 3. As LinkedIn has it, the company has between eleven and fifty employees.

On the subject of the Defiant Studios, CI Games boss Marek Tymiński said:

“We talked to a number of globally respected studios that had shown a strong interest in making the next LOTF, and received several solid pitches. We finally decided to move forward with Defiant because we were impressed with their game concept, production expertise, and the pedigree of their developers.”

The head of the studio at Defiant said:

“Our team has been excited about the chance to make the next LOTF from the moment we started to work on our pitch for CI. We are particularly thrilled about the creative freedom that CI Games is willing to offer.”

Lords of the Fallen was a souls-like released in 2014 to pretty solid reviews. Deck 13 Interactive developed it, who went on to make another souls-like, The Surge, and are currently working on its sequel.

Lords of the Fallen 2 doesn’t yet have a release date, but it is coming to consoles and PC.

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