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Marvel’s Avengers dev confident players will ‘return to the game’

The live-service take on the phenomenon that is Marvel’s Avengers might be having its own Anthem moment.



Marvel’s Avengers - Crystal Dynamics
Crystal Dynamics

Avengers: Reassemble. In a few months. You know, when we’ve got some new content to lure you back in.

The live-service take on the phenomenon that is Marvel’s Avengers might be having its own Anthem moment.

Crystal Dynamics boss Scot Amos has issued a statement to Kotaku to address reports from Forbes that the Steam player population has been waning only a month after launch.


“We are confident that we’ll see PC players (as well as those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) return to the game as we add exciting new late-game content and demonstrate that we continue to be focused on improving the game,” says Amos.

This statement alone seems to corroborate the (otherwise not entirely reliable) player metric that Steamchart can provide. It also hints at (at least) similar issues with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 player bases as well.

This might surprise you if you saw all the launch time reports of it topping the sales charts for multiple weeks no less. Although, bear in mind that Anthem saw much the same reaction. It too topped the charts before struggling to retain its players with its various technical issues, problems with progression, and an unsatisfying core gameplay loop.

That’s not to say this is definitely to be Marvel Avengers‘ fate. Along with two new Heroes promised, Amos is intent on saving the day with a blog post next week of new announcements for the game:

“We’ll have more information and details about the very near content drops in a blog scheduled for next week and we have new community communication initiatives coming soon to even more directly share fun and useful information with you.”


Is an injection of new content and tweaks enough to turn things around? The general disquiet on forums for the game, like in this post, might indicate not.

Callum, in his preview for Thumbsticks, was of the opinion that Avengers‘ problems are more fundamental, saying: “Of all the paths a big-budget video game surrounding Hollywood’s most popular superheroes could’ve taken, Square appears to have rigidly stuck to the most tedious, corporate and frankly boring one possible.” Ouch.

I always like a good turnaround story, like how Dice and EA redeemed their own live service effort with Star Wars Battlefront 2 through updates. Still, I have the feeling that reassembling the Avengers player base might first require as much of a scrimmage as in Civil War.

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