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According to a report from GamesBeat, the new Battlefield game is titled Battlefield V and takes place during WWII.

The report was from anonymous sources saying, “GamesBeat has learned from sources familiar with EA’s plans. These sources wish to remain anonymous.”

Prior to this the upcoming game in the popular shooter franchise was being referred to as “Battlefield 2” internally at EA. The new game will follow Call of Duty to the Second World War, dispelling rumours of another Bad Company entry or a Vietnam-set game.

It’s also not a remaster of Battlefield 2, which released in 2005; it’s a brand new game, and the first in the series to take place in WWII since Battlefield 1943 in 2009.

It’s a neat stylisation as well, the ‘V’ signifying 5, but also the famous victory symbol from the iconic Churchill photograph.

According to the same report, it’s been EA’s plan for some time. Wanting to move away from modern warfare, the company didn’t want to rush headlong into WWII straight away, opting to test the waters with Battlefield 1.

There isn’t a set release date but it’s meant to be coming later this year in the Autumn.

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