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Ubisoft has announced the full acquisition of Blue Mammoth Games, the studio behind Brawlhalla.

Following the deal, Ubisoft adds the popular Brawlhalla to its portfolio. The free-to-play fighting game has been extremely well-received on console, and is currently the one of the most played fighters on Steam. It recently began a third year of esports events, partnering with Dreamhack for the Brawlhalla World Championship.

Ubisoft evidently sees more potential for growth in the Brawlhalla brand. The game adds a new genre to the publishing giant’s franchise portfolio, and is a title that can be infinitely expanded over the long-term.

Blue Mammoth Games – which is based near Atlanta, Georgia – will bring their online expertise to Ubisoft, and the studio will continue to be led by founders, Matthew Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton.

Laurent Detoc, president of Ubisoft NCSA, said:

“The team at Blue Mammoth Games is expert at developing and running scalable, competitive, multiplayer online games, and they’ll be a great addition to Ubisoft’s network of studios,. With Brawlhalla, we’re getting a hugely popular and highly-profitable title that aligns with our strategy of expanding our audience and providing players with long-lasting, entertaining gaming experiences.”

In a joint statement, Matthew Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton said:

“We’re looking forward to leveraging Ubisoft’s expertise and resources to continue developing and supporting Brawlhalla for the long term, and to benefiting from their help in bringing the game to new players.”

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