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A new legendary called Zeraora, the Thunderclap Pokémon, will join Ultra Sun and Moon for 3DS.

Zeraora is a pure electric-type monster, and is capable of firing a powerful magnetic field from the pads on its hands and feet.

It doesn’t generate electricity, but rather feeds on, and stores, the electricity around it – which sounds a bit like Pyro from X-Men.

It was introduced on the show, Oha Suta, which also featured a quick look at the upcoming movie Pokémon: Everyone’s Story. You can spot Zeraora in the film as well.

https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/983150266827468800?ref_src=twsrc% 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fuk.ign.com% 2Farticles% 2F2018% 2F04% 2F09% 2Fpokemon-reveals-new-legendary-for-ultra-sun-and-moon

There isn’t yet any word on when the Poke is going to appear in-game. More details will likely arise before Pokémon: Everyone’s Story hits theatres on July 13th.

This news will come as a pleasant surprise for 3DS owners, as most of the excitement at the moment is either for Pokémon Go, or for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Ultra Sun and Moon.

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