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A new 400-player battle royale game has a teaser trailer

An upcoming battle royale game – the genre that launched into the stratosphere since the impact of PUBG – promises 400-player matches.

It’s called Mavericks: Proving Grounds and it’s a 1000-player online game.

The battle royale mode in the game works with a smaller sample of 400 players, which is still absolutely huge.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s very pretty and atmospheric, but annoyingly it doesn’t give you a taste of the thing it’s boasting.

It’s being developed by Automaton Games, a new UK studio, and was unveiled at the PC Gamer Weekender event on Saturday.

The game’s world is 12 km squared, and will play host to up 400 players. The developer calls it a “living and breathing” world with dynamic elements like wildfire, water, and wildlife.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Automaton’s James Thompson said:

“This year, we’re coming out with our competitive, Battle Royale-style mode, which we hope will show that there is so much more for that genre than what people have seen today. How much more we can do with the game world and the [Battle Royale] game mode as a whole.”

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