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New battle royale shooter Proxima Royale gets a closed alpha in March

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Proxima Royale, the new battle royale shooter from Vulkan Society, is getting a closed alpha on PC next month.

It’s PUBG, with robots! Vulkan Society’s upcoming entry into the crowded battle royale market will enter closed alpha in March. The game is a first-person only take on the genre, and features 60 players per match, modest in comparison to some other battle royale games on the horizon. Made in Unreal Engine 4, Proxima Royale promises multiple weapon types, loot, and fast-paced action taking place on a landscape some 25 km2 in size.

Vulkan Society’s Denis Colovic says:

“The development of Proxima Royale started last year in June with a two-man team and the goal to give players an alternative to the other Battle Royale games that currently exist on the market. We have never been big fans of FPS games which are set in present settings. Being Sci-Fi gives us way more creative freedom to build interesting and immersive worlds. Making a modern FPS for Sci-Fi fans is our ultimate goal and we can’t wait to see how the players react to our game.”

Although it’s easy to be sniffy about the influx new entrants into the genre popularised by PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds, Proxima Royale‘s sci-fi theme is certainly appealing. Based on the newly released trailer and screenshots, there’s enough here to warrant keeping a close eye on the game.

Proxima Royale screenshots

Head over to the official website to sign-up for the Proxima Royale closed alpha.

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