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To celebrate the first anniversary of NieR:Automata, Square Enix is discounting the game by 50% on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Since its release in March 2017, NieR:Automata has achieved digital sales and retail shipments totalling two million units. To mark the occasion Square Enix has sliced the game’s price by 50% on the PlayStation Store and Steam. The offer runs until March 14, 2018.

The game’s director, Yoko Taro, has also recorded a ‘special message’ for fans, which is as barmy as you might expect. Take it away Taro-san:

Music publisher Materia Collective has also released Glory to Metal (A Symphonic Metal Tribute to NieR: Automata). The four-track EP – which is arranged, and performed by metal artist, Ferdk – reinvents music from Keiichi Okabe’s wonderful soundtrack in a symphonic rock style.

Speaking about the album, Ferdk says:

“When I jumped into NieR:Automata I became fully immersed into the game’s world and its exploration of the human condition. Immediately after completing the game, I felt the urge to do something with the music, and given its heavy orchestral work it was a perfect fit for my bombastic, symphonic metal style. Battles are always an easy choice when it comes to metal, but I felt I wasn’t tapping into the full potential of the game’s musical range, so I added two more tracks that stood out to me for the ambience they create when they’re featured in the game. I hope listeners enjoy these songs reimagined for electric guitar and orchestra, and feel transported back into Yoko Taro’s world.”

The album is available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify

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