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Save up to 80% in the Paradox Humble Store sale

The Paradox Weekend Humble Store sale is offering discounts of up to 80% on a range of games, including Cities: Skylines and Stellaris.



Paradox Interactive Humble Store sale

The Paradox Weekend Humble Store sale is offering price cuts of up to 80% on a range of games.

The latest Humble Store publisher promotion is now in full swing, and cuts the price of over 100 games and content expansions from Paradox Interactive.

Sale highlights include a 75% discount on the core and deluxe versions of Cities: Skylines. Expansions for Cities: Skylines – including the SnowfallNatural Disasters, and After Dark packs – are also reduced by 50% .

Space strategy game, Stellaris, gets a 60% reduction, with its Utopia, Synthetic Dawn, and Plantoids expansions among those also on offer. And the Hero Edition of Pillars of Eternity gets a generous 40% discount, as do its two White March expansions which are available separately, or as a double pack.

Other Paradox games receiving significant price cuts include entries in the Tyranny, Europa Universalis, Magika, and Crusader Kings series.

The Humble Paradox Weekend sale ends at 10am PT on Monday March 12, 2018.  And don’t forget, every Humble purchase contributes to charitable causes.

Happy shopping.

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