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Here’s the full lineup of this week’s Nintendo eShop releases for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U.

It’s a reasonably quiet week on the eShop, with only a smattering of games coming to Nintendo’s three platforms. However, quiet is not a word you can use to describe this week’s big Nintendo Switch release.

Drool’s self-proclaimed rhythm violence game, Thumper, comes to Nintendo’s new console six months after its PS4 and PC release. The Switch version supports 1080P resolution, runs at 60 FPS, and features HD rumble. It’s a startling – and nerve-wracking – experience that we highly recommend. Just don’t expect peaceful dreams if you play late at night. You can read more about the making of Thumper in our report from this year’s Game Developers Conference.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia comes to the 3DS. It’s a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, which originally came to the NES in 1992. This version is very much the modern game, however, and includes amiibo support and an expensive five-part season pass.

Over on Wii U there’s the simply named Pinball, from RCMADIAX. It’s a stripped down take on the classic pastime, that looks a little too stripped down for our liking.

Here’s the full list of this week’s Nintendo eShop releases:

EU Nintendo eShop releases for 18 May, 2017

Nintendo Switch

  • ACA NegGeo: Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors – €6.99 / £6.29 / CHF 9.80
  • Thumper – €19.99 / £15.99 / CHF 19.90
  • ARMS Global Testpunch Client – Free
  • Disgaea 5 Complete Demo – Free

Nintendo 3DS

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – €44.99 / £39.99 / CHF 57.90

Nintendo Wii U

  • Pinball – €1.49 / £1.39 / CHF 2.10
  • Super Star Soldier – €5.99 / £5.39 / CHF 8.40

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