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New PlayStation 4 releases: February 17-18, 2020

The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary bundle and a new collection arcade classics are among this week’s new PlayStation releases.



New PlayStation 4 game releases
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The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary bundle and a new collection arcade classics are among this week’s new PlayStation 4, PSVR, and PS Vita releases.

The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle is our pick from this week’s lineup of new PlayStation 4 releases. Both games are remastered at 4K and 60 fps on PS4 Pro, and if you buy the bundle before March 3, you’ll also get a free dynamic theme. A limited-edition steel-book release is also available from Amazon and other retailers.

If we’re playing the numbers game, however, the Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle takes top prize. The collection includes no fewer than 18 arcade and NES classics, many of which are getting a Western release for the first time.


Let’s also give a mention to players eagerly anticipating the release of Autobahn Police Simulator 2. You’re out there somewhere and we’re super-pleased to tell you that the game is racing onto PS4 this week.

Other new games include Nordic noir adventure Dragen, and FPS VR shooter, Bullet Sorrow. Here’s the complete lineup of this week’s new PlayStation Store releases.

New PlayStation 4 releases – February 17-18, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

  • Coaster

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

  • ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug 4
  • Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary
  • Bloodroots
  • DCL – The Game
  • Knightin’+ (and PS Vita)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

  • No releases

Thursday, February 20, 2020

  • Autobahn Police Simulator 2
  • Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle
  • Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story
  • Townsmen — A Kingdom Rebuilt

Friday, February 21, 2020

  • Azur Lane: Crosswave
  • Bullet Sorrow VR
  • Draugen

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