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Here’s your round-up of games coming to the PlayStation Store from the 29th November, 2016.

It’s a busy week with nearly twenty games coming to the PlayStation Store. The week’s most anticipated release is, without a doubt, Final Fantasy XV. Early reports suggest that the game is amazing/crap/weird/liberating/boring – delete as applicable. It looks like being gaming Marmite, that’s for sure.

If you fancy an open-world adventure of a different kind then don’t rule out Ubisoft’s Steep. Feedback from last week’s beta was largely positive and we’ll be posting some thoughts of our own soon.

The steady stream of PlayStation VR releases continues with How We Soar, which sees you ride a phoenix above a beautiful papercraft world, and cellar simulator, Crystal Rift.

We also have two contenders for the Game Name of the Week Award; Neon Chrome and Steins;Gate 0. The former is wonderfully bland yet still evocative, but we’ll tip our hat to the later in acknowledgment of the spellcheck trouble it caused.

Here’s the full list of games coming to the PlayStation Store this week:

PlayStation Store releases for 29 November, 2016

PlayStation 4

  • Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
  • Arcade Archives Neo Geo Metal Slug (out 28th Nov)
  • Battalion Commander (out 1st Dec)
  • Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
  • The Crew Ultimate Edition
  • Crystal Rift
  • Destroy All Humans 2
  • The Dwarves (out 1st Dec)
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Hue
  • Industry Giant 2 (out 30th Nov)
  • Neon Chrome
  • Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX
  • Space Overlords
  • Steep
  • Steins;Gate 0
  • The Keeper of 4 Elements  (out 1st Dec)
  • WinKings (out 1st Dec)

PlayStation VR

  • Crystal Rift
  • How We Soar
  • Pinball FX2 VR

PlayStation Vita

  • Space Overlords
  • Steins;Gate 0
  • The Keeper of 4 Elements  (out 1st Dec)

Check out our round-up of this week’s Xbox One releases.

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  1. Better tell us when those lazy arses will add more countries to the store. I am talking about Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I wanted to buy PS with VR for my daughter (and for mee too… to try…) but with no access to the PS store it`s no point…

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