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The latest update to Sea of Thieves adds some Halloween chills with Fort of the Damned.

Old Boot Fort is overrun with sinister Shadow Skeletons in the latest content update for Rare’s ocean-faring adventure game, Sea of Thieves. To take back the fort, players must team up and collect all six lights from the Flames of Fate and then deploy them with a Relic Skull to raise hell.

Rare says the update is the biggest to come to the Skeleton Fort feature since Sea of Thieves launched in 2018. And although it’s arriving in time for Halloween, it will remain in the game permanently.

The update also adds a treasure chest of seasonal items, including the Skeleton Cockatoo and Skeleton Marmoset. These spooky pets will disappear from the game in November, so get them while you can. Other additions include the Cutthroat Ship Collection – which is inspired by Rare’s classic fighting game Killer Instinct – and some new emotes.

Changes also come to The Arena. Pirates can now compete in a two-person Sloop Crew and six new contest locations have been added, each with two variations. And, finally, banjos. Thank you, Rare. Thank you.

Sea of Thieves: Fort of the Damned trailer.

Fort of the Damned is available as a free update for all players who have bought Sea of Thieves on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, or through Xbox Game Pass. Check out the game’s What’s New page to see the complete release notes.

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