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Headup Games and Fabraz are bringing their super tricky, super sticky platformer, Slime-san, to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Superslime Edition of the critically acclaimed platformer, Slime-san, includes all three of the game’s main campaigns – Mama’s Madness, Blackbird’s Kraken, and Sheeple’s Sequel – plus ten brand new, exclusive levels.

Also included is a Dynamic Colors feature that alters the game’s color palette for each world.

Originally released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in April 2017, Slime-san is fast-paced twitch platformer, with a beautiful, reductive art style, and memorable chip-tune soundtrack.

Nothing new there, then. However, the game also has the benefit of being genuinely addictive, its short levels balancing joy and frustration in equal measure.

Add in plenty of subtle pop-culture references, and a stomach-turning, squelchy sense of humour, and you have a game that was perhaps unjustly overlooked.


Slime-san is available on PC and Nintendo Switch now. A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date will be announced soon.

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