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Sony has never let players change their PSN names, but a new survey suggests they might be looking at doing it.

PushSquare obtained a survey which says that Sony is “exploring the possibility of adding a feature to PSN that lets users change their ID.”

It states that the proposed change would allow players to change their PSN name free of charge “multiple times” but only once every six months.

There isn’t any word from Sony, or from PushSquare, on whether or not any further changes would incur any kind of charge. Comparatively, Microsoft allows Xbox uses to change their Gamertag for free, but just the once.

This isn’t set in stone by any measure; a line in the survey reads, “We can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard.”

It chimes with something that PlayStation boss Shawn Layden said at PSX in December when asked about the possibility of PSN name changes. “The elves at the North Pole have been working on it,” he joked. “I hope we’ll see events occur that you won’t have to ask me that question next PSX.”

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