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Star Ocean – The Last Hope remastered is out now on PS4 and PC

The new remaster of Star Ocean – The Last Hope is now available on PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.



Star Ocean - The Last Hope

The new remaster of Star Ocean – The Last Hope is now available on PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Oops. You may have noticed that we said there weren’t any PlayStation 4 games released this week. We, erm, kind of forgot about this little treasure from Square Enix. Humble apologies to all concerned.

Star Ocean – The Last Hope – which was originally released in 2009, and serves as prequel to the original Star Ocean  has been remastered in full HD, with added 4K 60FPS support.


Takaaki Kai, producer at Square Enix, speaks about the effort put into the new version of the game in a rather touching post on the PlayStation Blog:

“For all the Star Ocean fans out there, thank you for waiting. This remake has finally been realized seven years since its original release in 2010. Rest assured, the high-speed action battles that had been one of the joys of the original experience remain intact, and players can now enjoy their adventures through the cosmic sea with graphics supporting 4K resolution when played on a PS4 Pro.”

The game’s new launch trailer shows off the end result rather beautifully.

Star Ocean – The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster – to uses its full, official title – is available now, priced $20.99. Until December 12, PlayStation Plus members and Steam users will receive a 10% discount, plus a downloadable mini-soundtrack featuring music from the game.

PlayStation players who pick up the game before January 8, 2018 will receive a PlayStation 4 system theme, and 12 PlayStation Network avatars based on characters from the game.

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