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Star Wars Battlefront II update 1.2 brings a lot of new content

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In its most recent update, Star Wars Battlefront II has expanded its modes and skins, as well as adding host of gameplay tweaks.

First off, the new game mode is called Jetpack Cargo; it gives every player a jetpack and a rocket launcher – chaos ensues.

There are new skins in the update as well; for instance, Luke, Han, and Leia can all equip their Hoth appearances.

All players will get two emotes for all of their troopers, with the ability to unlock more through play.

In terms of tweaks to gameplay performance, EA laid out the following on the forum:

“This patch brings a lot of balance tweaks and bug fixes to Heroes, Classes, Locations, and Game Modes. A significant tweak has also been made to Dodging. And for fans of Arcade, we’ve made substantial improvements to the AI to make the experience more engaging.”

There are also a number of changes to different characters, with speed boosts, damage buffs, and changes to certain abilities. For the full patch notes, click here.

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  1. The new cargo mode sucks like the rest of the game. Everyone gets a rocket launcher? That is the DUMBEST and most unbalanced thing ever.

    Go play walker assault the 2015 version. It is vastly superior.

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