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To celebrate State of Decay 2 hitting 3 million players, developer Undead Labs has released the first paid DLC, and a free update.

The Independence Pack is, as you might guess, themed around Independence Day, which is coming up next week.

This from a post on Xbox Wire:

“To celebrate, we are revealing our first post-launch content, the Independence Pack. This pack gives you the opportunity to take on the zombie horde with style, grace and most importantly, colorful gunpowder. Available today on both Xbox One and Windows 10, the pack unlocks an array of fiery new versions of vehicles, weapons and gear for your community.


State of Decay 2 wants you to show off with explosive awesomeness to the three million player strong community. Heck, even the zeds are dressed for the occasion in this pack, and there are few things as satisfying as taking out a Revolutionary War-themed zombie during a supply run. It’s like history that you can blow up…with fireworks!”

The DLC gives you three new vehicles, Pyrohawk, the Burninator and the Meatwagon. They don’t just look the part either; they’re all fitted with some zombie-killing armaments.

Check out the DLC trailer below:

On top of that, Undead Labs has released a new patch for State of Decay 2, the 2.0 update. This adds twenty new missions to the game, ‘Revolutionary War’ zombies, a rare books trader, and new weapons. For the full patch notes, click here.

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