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The new free content update for Super Mario Odyssey is available now on Nintendo Switch.

The free content update for Super Mario Odyssey adds a new mini-game called Balloon World, a selection of spiffing new outfits, new weather effects, and two new camera filters for Snapshot Mode.

Balloon World is the most intriguing new feature, not least because it adds Luigi to the game – albeit as a quest giver, rather than a playable character.

Once players find Luigi in each Kingdom you can choose to play Hide It or Find It. In Hide It mode, players have a limited amount of time to hide a balloon somewhere within the Kingdom. In Find It mode, you have to race against the clock to track down the balloons hidden by other players from around the world. Both modes feature global and friends leaderboards.

To mix things up a little, the atmosphere and weather will change for each kingdom. For example, the usually sun-drenched New Donk City will be rainy, and it will be magic hour as the sun sets in Tostarena.

The update also adds Sunshine, Musician and Knight Armor outfits for Mario to wear, and Coin and Neon Snapshot Mode filters.

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