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Super Metroid gets a super My Nintendo discount

The latest batch of My Nintendo rewards includes a discount for Super NES classic, Super Metroid.



Super Metroid - My Nintendo

The latest batch of My Nintendo rewards includes a discount for Super NES classic, Super Metroid.

Five new game discounts are now available via the My Nintendo rewards programme in Europe. Pick of bunch is the classic SNES, erm, metroidvania, Super Metroid. The game is down to half price in exchange for 40 Gold Points.

Also worth a look is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. The cult Wii JRPG gets a reasonable 30% reduction for 130 points. The handheld port feels a little compressed – and is only available on New Nintendo 3DS models – but the game’s quality shines through.


There’s also a 15% drop for Mole Mania, a cute and often overlooked Game Boy puzzle game from Nintendo EAD and Shigeru Miyamoto.

Here is the full lineup of new My Nintendo rewards for Europe. Many of the rewards we reported on earlier this month are also still available.

EU Gold Point rewards

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – 3DS (30% discount) – 130 points
  • Super Metroid – 3DS/Wii U (50% discount) – 40 points
  • Mole Mania – 3DS (50% discount) – 15 points
  • Cooking Mama: Bon Appétit! – 3DS (50% discount) – 150 points

EU Platinum Point rewards

  • Hydroventure: Spin Cycle – 3DS (20% discount) – 65 points

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