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To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Thimbleweed Park is getting physical release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Limited Run Games are releasing two boxed editions of Thimbleweed Park for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on March 30, 2018.

The standard version is priced at $34.99, and the collector’s edition at $64.99. Both will be limited run releases, naturally, and region free.

The Collector’s Edition includes a copy of the game, a full colour manual, a menu poster, replica newspaper, plus platform specific stickers and phone book. And it all comes packaged in a LucasArts style big box.

Thimbleweed Park was releases last year to wide acclaim, with Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick successfully updating the point-and-click genre for modern tastes, but also providing a loving homage to Gilbert’s LucasArts classics like Maniac Mansion and the Secret of Monkey Island.

Each version of the release will be in limited supply. For more information on head over to the Limited Run Games website.

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