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The Nintendo Switch eShop gets three new game demos today.

It’s a busy week on the Nintendo eShop, with another onslaught of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch. With the current pace of new releases we imagine that many studios – particularly smaller devs with limited marketing budgets – are finding it hard to get their game noticed.

A much-need redesign for the Nintendo eShop would be a big help, but in the meantime we are seeing lots of titles get swift price deductions, or free playable demos. This week, there are three new games going down the demo route.

First up is Plantera Deluxe, the colourful garden development simulation from Ratalaika Games. Also getting a demo – and a limited time 20% discount – is Vostok Inc, an inventive mix of clicker game and twin-stick shooter from Nosebleed Interactive. It’s a game we liked, and in our review called “a moreish slice of rampant capitalism.”

And finally, you can try out the puzzling delights of TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition.

There are now over 40 free game demos available for the Nintendo Switch. Bookmark our complete list to say up-to-date.

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