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Total War: Arena opens up to the public for one week only.

Total War: Arena is hosting an open week that allows full access to Creative Assembly’s team-based online strategy game. The event runs from today until December 4, 2017.

Players can sign up to lead either the Romans, Barbarians or Greeks into war. In addition you’ll get three Premium units as a thank you: the Tier 4 A Roman spear cavalry unit, a Tier 4 Bloodsworn Barbarian sword unit, and a Tier 4 Telesillas Argives Greek spear unit. Wargaming say there will be additional boosts and mission rewards available throughout the week.

Participants will also be granted permanent access to the game’s ongoing closed beta, which currently features 11 commanders and nine maps based on iconic locations such as Thermopylae, and Hadrian’s Wall.

Sergei Laptenok, product director at publisher Wargaming, said in a press statement:

“Total War: Arena’s open week is the perfect opportunity to really test our servers with a large number of players,” said  “Anyone can take on strategic gameplay and join massive, historical battles.”

Creative Assembly game director, Gabor Beressy, added:

“The open week is another exciting step in the game’s development. We continue to be very grateful to our committed players who have been part of the development so far, and welcome new players to join the growing community.”

To sign-up, head over to the game’s official website.

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