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Play the first two levels of Unravel Two for free on Xbox One

Find a friend and play the first two levels of Unravel Two absolutley free for a limited time.



Unravel Two

Find a friend and play the first two levels of Unravel Two absolutley free for a limited time.

The surprise release of Unravel Two was one of the highlights of the EA Play E3 press conference. However, nice though an instant game drop can be, the strategy can sometimes lead to a game being swiftly overlooked while focus shifts to the E3 circus.

This is what happened to me, with both Unravel Two, and the Switch release of Hollow Knight both falling through the cracks of a busy week.

So here’s a nice incentive. The first two levels of Unravel Two are now unlocked and free to play for a full ten hours as part of an Open Trial on Xbox One. All aspects of the game, including local-co-op play, are available.

The Open Trial clock only starts when you boot the game for the first time, and only ticks down when you are playing it. All save progress will carry over if you purchase the full game from the Microsoft Store.

Coldwood Interactive’s Unravel sequel is the latest game released under the EA Originals indie publishing initiative, and sees two charming Yarnys journey across a variety of beautiful environments to solve puzzles, and recover a mysterious ‘spark’. We’ve yet to play the game, but have a feeling that the power of love may well make an appearance.

The Unravel Two Open Trial starts today on Xbox One, and is available for a limited – and as yet unconfirmed – period.

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