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Stadia is getting two more (good) games this summer

Google is slowly making good on its promise to build the Stadia game library. Here’s news of two more games due this summer.



Streets of Rage 4
Dotemu / LizardCube

Google is making good on its promise to build the Stadia game library. Slowly. Here’s news of two more games due this summer.

We’ll put our neck on the line and say that Stadia – and streaming generally – isn’t the future of video games. That being said, there’s definitely something magical about the instant-access nature of the technology.

In our 2021 Stadia review, we were reasonably complimentary about the platform but also noted there was work to do in growing the game library. That point still stands – particularly in light of Google shuttering its first-party studios – but the catalogue is gradually expanding with old and new(ish) titles.


Rainbow Six Siege joined Stadia earlier this week, and now two more games are confirmed for release in the coming months.

First up is Dotemu’s acclaimed 2D brawler Streets of Rage 4. It comes to Stadia on July 15 with some cool additions, including bonus fighter Estel Aguirre, new colour palettes for each character, a new training mode, and the new Mania+ difficulty level.

Also confirmed for release later this summer is Acid Wizard Studio’s much-loved top-down survival horror advert, Darkwood. It’s the very definition of the term “an oldie but a goodie”.

So, nothing earth-shattering, but these are the types of experience every platform should offer. More, please.

Other titles so far confirmed for release in 2021 include Farming Simulator 22, Life is Strange: True Colors, and Far Cry 6.

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