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Save up to 75% in the Humble Sega and Activision sales

Two new Humble Store sales are offering discounts on a range of games published by Sega and Activision.



Humble Sega and Activision sales

Two new Humble Store sales are offering discounts on a range of Sega and Activision published games.

Another day, another chance to pick up a bargain. This time it’s the Humble Store who offering price cuts on a wide selection of games published by Sega and Activision.

Highlights from the Sega sale include a 50% price cut on the PC version of Hideki Kamiya’s much-loved action game Bayonetta. The game which was recently released on the Nintendo Switch at full price – can be yours for a mere £7.49 in the UK.


The wonderfully scary Alien Isolation is also on offer, receiving a 75% discount on its standard edition and complete collection. Other games worth a look include the underrated Vanquish, the equally underrated Alpha Protocol, and a number of titles from the Total War series.

The Activision sale is offering a 35% price cut on Destiny 2, plus discounts on multiple Call of Duty titles. Take your pick from Call of Duty: WWII, Black Ops III, Modern Warfare, and Infinite Warfare, to name just four. There are also welcome discounts on The Odd Gentlemen’s marvellous King’s Quest series.

And don’t forget, up to 10% of every Humble purchase goes to charitable causes.

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