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Celebrate a full year on the battlegrounds with a free anniversary PUBG SCAR-L skin, the first in (presumably) many weapon cosmetics.

A “PUBG SCAR skin” sounds a little bit like what happens when you get hit by a Molotov, but it’s actually a free cosmetic for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to celebrate its anniversary.

Brendan Greene’s battle royale burst into Early Access on March 23rd, 2017. From there, the trajectory has been, largely, upwards. Now the game has been out for a full year, and to celebrate, PUBG Corp. are offering a free cosmetic weapon skin.

The weapon in question is the SCAR-L, and if you don’t know what that is, we wrote a handy guide on what all that confusing kit equates to in real life.

Simply log in to the game before May 1st, 2018, and you’ll be presented with the anniversary PUBG SCAR-L skin.

Anniversary PUBG SCAR-L skin

Then click ‘confirm’, obviously. You sort of don’t have a choice on that one.

You’ll then want to head over to the customisation screen, and you’ll notice there’s a new weapon customisation option, in addition to the clothing and character screens. The anniversary PUBG SCAR-L skin is the only thing in there at the moment, but you’ll see that there are going to be cosmetic options available for all of the equipment.

We don’t know how they’re going to be delivered. Some of them will be limited-time events, like these, but perhaps others will be available in reward crates. Players may also be able to buy and sell PUBG weapon cosmetics in the future, but the anniversary SCAR-L can’t be sold or traded.

Here’s a closer, slowly rotating video of the weapon skin, if you need to take a better look:

It features a “#1” emblazoned above the grip, and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” on the stock. It’s also yellow and black, like a bumblebee. That probably makes the anniversary SCAR-L slightly more camouflaged on Erangel, but slightly less camouflaged on Miramar than its original desert paint job.

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