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Surprise, last-minute change to PlayStation Plus games for July 2019

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Sony makes surprise, eleventh-hour chance to the free PS Plus games for July 2019.

Updated: July 2, 2019

In a surprising last-minute change to the free PlayStation plus games for July 2019, PES 2019 has been pulled from the lineup. It has, instead, been replaced by Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human is the latest game from French game director David Cage – real name David De Gruttola – and is the digital deluxe edition, which means you’ll also receive a free copy of Heavy Rain.

We’re not exactly thrilled by the prospect of De Gruttola games – even for free, to be honest – but it means there are technically three games free for PS Plus in July 2019. So there’s a plus.

We’re not sure why PES 2019 has been substituted for Detroit, but it’s interesting to see a David De Gruttola game come to PS Plus, so soon after Quantic Dream received outside investment and used its newfound war chest to buy its way out of PlayStation exclusivity.

Original story: June 27, 2019

With less than a week to go, here are the games you’ll get for free with your PlayStation Plus subscription in July 2019. Absolutely free! You won’t have to pay a penny! Except for your monthly membership. Also, you used to get more games, but Sony has since dropped free games for its older consoles. (And not replaced them with additional PS4 games – bit mean.)

Hot on the heels of the E3 announcement of PES 2020 – or eFootball PES 2020, to use its Sunday name – you can pick up last year’s game in July 2019’s PS Plus free games. As is always the case with Konami’s footie title, expect more technical gameplay but less flashy licenses than FIFA. Except Barcelona. Futbol Club Barcelona is all over PES 2019.

The other game in July 2019’s PS Plus freebies is Horizon Chase Turbo. Like Pro Evolution Soccer, it’s not the best example of the genre, but it makes a decent fist of mashing up classic Out Run action with accessible, mobile-like progression.

In our review of the game – on Nintendo Switch, but it’s all applicable here – we said: “Horizon Chase Turbo is a slick, polished, pulsating love-letter to the arcade racing games of yesteryear,” but we missed the endless landscapes of Out Run, replaced here with short, sharp circuits. For the princely sum of zero pounds sterling, you can’t really go wrong.

There’s still time to pick up last month’s PS Plus games – including Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which also nets you access to the free DLC to bridge the gap between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 – for a few days, at least.

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