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iam8bit is releasing a double vinyl album featuring highlights from Kristofer Maddigan’s score for Cuphead.

StudioMDHR’s Cuphead is rightly recognised for its eye-popping visuals and ‘rubber hose’ style animation. However, it’s arguable that Kristofer Maddigan’s super-cool jazz soundtrack is just as important to the game’s sublime evocation of 1930s-era cartoons.

iam8bit has announced a new Cuphead 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack album that features some of the game’s best tracks, and also includes some previously unreleased solos. The new release follows a four-record collection that sold out in the US, although you can still pick it up from iam8bit’s Asia store.

The new album is packaged in a retro-style sleeve and priced at $30. Pre-orders are open until May 1, with the album due to ship in autumn. Head over to the iam8bit store for more details.

Now, dear reader, pull up a stool and listen to one of our favourite Cuphead tracks, the musical masterpiece that is Botanic Panic.

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