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Another day, another drip from the Hitman PR tap.

We’ve had the Beta Teaser trailer. We’ve had the Mission play-through video. And only last week we got the World of Assassination trailer.

What more could there be, you ask?

Introducing the Hitman Beta Launch Trailer.

The trailer takes its footage from The Prologue, which is set twenty years before the game proper and features a pivotal moment in Agent 47’s life – his introduction to the ICA and first meeting with Diana Burnwood. The Prologue contains two free-form training hits, which introduce the mechanics of the forthcoming episodic game.

Hitman will launch on March 11th and is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

The game’s beta runs from February 12th – 14th on PlayStation 4, and February 19th – 21st on PC.

Preorder Hitman on Amazon.

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