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Little Nightmares II is free for Stadia Pro members

Little Nightmares II is free to play for Stadia Pro subscribers.



Little Nightmares II - Stadia Pro
Tarsier Studios / Google / Thumbsticks

Little Nightmares II is now free to claim for Stadia Pro subscribers.

One of February’s most anticipated games, the spooky Little Nightmares II, is released today on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. And it’s also free to play with a Stadia Pro subscription.

We are big fans of the first Little Nightmares, and it looks like Tarsier Studio’s sequel expands on the original with another twisted and memorable fantasy adventure.


It’s a welcome surprise for Stadia users who have experienced a week of uncertainty following the recent closure of Google’s first-party game studios and a shift in the platform’s strategic business direction.

Another Stadia highlight this week is the release of Sectordub’s quirky platform adventure, Pikuniku. In Tom’s glowing review of the Switch version, he describes it as being like “rainbows, ice cream, long weekends and kittens, combined and distilled into their purest, most potent form.” If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is.

Also, game-creation platform Crayta is now completely free for all Stadia players to try. It’s a robust and accessible tool that’s lots of fun to experiment with. It also supports Stadia’s Crowd Play feature.

Finally, a clutch of titles from 2K and Ubisoft are discounted until February 24, 2021. Highlights include Borderlands 3, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and NBA 2K21.

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