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EA is bringing back EA Play, its separate event outside of E3 proper, which will take place before the main event, and will showcase the next Battlefield game.

There isn’t any information on what the new Battlefield game will be at this stage. EA said in a press release:

“Players looking for intense action will have a chance to play the next Battlefield experience, all the upcoming EA Sports games, and get an inside look at the stunning new action game, Anthem.”

EA has said previously that the next Battlefield game will launch in 2018, however, so if we see it in action at EA Play it won’t be too long before you’re able to get hold of the game.

With Battlefield 1 taking place during WWI, the next game could similarly leap in time—here’s hoping for a return to Vietnam where the series had an excellent entry in 2004, taking advantage of the open space and jungle canopy.

EA Play will take place at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium from June 9th to the 11th, with E3 commencing the next day.

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