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Take a closer look at the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

There’s something super-endearing about Nintendo’s must-have gaming console getting a range of accessories made from cardboard, string and tape. It’s a uniquely Nintendo idea which looks as much fun to make as it does to play.

In fact, we know very little about the supporting software – although the Robot Kit game bears more than a passing resemblance to Miyamoto’s Project Giant Robot demo from E3 2014. The current focus is firmly on the Nintendo Labo kits themselves, and quite right too, they’re beautiful creations. Here’s a closer look at the kits announced so far.

Nintendo Labo Gallery

Toy-Con RC Car

Toy-Con Fishing Rod

Toy-Con House

Toy-Con Motorbike

Toy-Con Piano

Toy-Con Robot

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Robot

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