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If you’re one of those helpful souls who likes to offer your QA services (in exchange for trying new content first) then you’ll want to check out the Rainbow Six Siege test servers this week.

Rainbow Six Siege is rapidly cementing its place as an esport, and the key to sustaining that success is longevity. There’s a reason why CS:GO has been going for years, but the yearly Call of Duty release flashes in and out of competitive focus.

You only have to look at the Siege’s roadmap – no sequel, just one continuous release path, with up to 100 operators – to see that Ubisoft are taking that ambition seriously.

To do that, there needs to be new content – just like Operation Chimera, which adds a new game mode, Outbreak, and two new bio-terrorism operators – and for new content to be successful? Ubisoft are going to rely on feedback from the Rainbow Six Siege community, both esports and casual players alike.

With that in mind, hot on the heels of another free weekend, Operation Chimera is now live on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers.

It kinda looks like Metal Gear Survive, but less terrible?

The Rainbow Six Siege test servers are only available for PC players, and the Operation Chimera content will be available for tyre-kicking until March 2nd, 2018.

Operation Chimera will then go live for all users, on all platforms, on March 6th. This limited-time game mode shuts down on April 3rd, but the new operators will remain. Keep in mind that Ubisoft may also take down or restrict access to the test servers, as necessary during the testing period.

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