Sean Murray - GDC 2019
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Watch Sean Murray’s candid GDC talk on the making of No Man’s Sky

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At last month’s Game Developer’s Conference, Hello Games’ Sean Murray spoke candidly about the development and release of No Man’s Sky.  

In his talk at the GDC Main Stage event, Sean Murray spoke about the pressures, and pleasures, of creating the ambitious space exploration adventure, No Man’s Sky.

Murray covers the challenges faced by the studio when No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, the vocal reaction from its players, and how the game was improved based on feedback and hard data.

“Our release was one of the most intense and dramatic that I think the games industry has ever seen,” Murray says.

It’s a fascinating insight into game development, media coverage, and, of course, internet culture. Most of all it’s the story of how Hello Games continued working to improve and enhance the game, with their efforts eventually giving rise to the phrase “doing a No Man’s Sky.”

You can watch the talk right here.

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