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Sony gets handsy with its new PlayStation VR controller design.

Sony announced that a next-gen successor to the PS VR was in development last month, and has now unveiled its new controller. With a slick looking design, not too far off the current Oculus control, the new PlayStation VR controller includes an ergonomic design, the much-needed thumbsticks, and haptic feedback.

While PS VR was a success for Sony its dated controller was the bugbear for many fans. With the same motion controller used on the PS3, motion tracking was fine at times and unbearable at others. The new controller will likely provide an upgrade to traversal with its inclusion of thumbsticks, and with more ergonimics for triggers, interacting with objects in-game will becomes a far more comfortable experience.

The new controllers carry many features over from the PS5’s Dualsense controller. As mentioned, haptic feedback will be making its way to PS VR, along with adaptive triggers, which in turn will increase immersion tenfold. New additions include finger touch detection, which will allow players to “make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay”. With a new “tracking ring” placed across the bottom of the controllers, motion tracking should also receive a boost with the headset itself contributing to the new teaching tech.

PlayStation 5 VR controllers

An apparent deduction from the new design is the traditional Cross, Circle, Triangle and Square button layout. The new controllers now share the four buttons across both, rather than having a full set on each. A struggle of the previous motion controller was the inability to implement comfortable controls schemes, so the removal of buttons could cause concern. Hopefully, however, the inclusion of thumbsticks will work wonders to ease any concerns.

Despite remaining relatively light on details, the new PS VR is shaping up to be a vast improvement over its predecessor – and the new controller design only bolsters this thinking. Sony stated that the controllers will be in the hands of developers soon, meaning studios can begin working the new design into the controls of their upcoming VR games. With just a few weeks between the announcement of the VR headset and the new controller, hopefully, we will receive more details on the next-gen tech soon.

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