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One of the Switch’s secret best games gets another free update

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Voez, the super-fun, super-eclectic rhythm game from Rayark gets another generous free update.

Voez was somewhat overlooked when it was first released alongside the Nintendo Switch in 2017. As a port of a mobile title it was exactly the sort of game that was easy to ignore with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on offer. It was also initially released with touchscreen-only controls, which didn’t exactly fit with the play-anywhere conceit of Nintendo’s new console.

However, shorn from microtransactions, and with 160 songs to play at launch, this smartly designed rhythm game found an audience that appreciated its varied range of musical genres, and quirky storyline.

Voez was eventually patched with physical controls, and has received a slew of free content updates ever since. The latest update – Version 1.6 – adds 16 new tracks from artists including Night Keepers, The SxPLAY, and the wonderfully named Paul Bazooka.

If you own Voez – and your Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode – the game should update automatically. If not, go to the game icon, press the + button and update manually.

Here are the new tracks you can enjoy.

New Voez tracks

  • Energy by yourmythos
  • Race is on by Paul Bazooka
  • Snow by Night Keepers
  • Angel Wing by uma
  • Mont Blanc by Night Keepers
  • My Real Eden by The SxPLAY
  • Festival Lights by Mr. Fantastic
  • MOTHER by The SxPLAY
  • Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness- by Fig
  • One Happy Thing a Day by Night Keepers
  • Hai Dian Nun Lu No.36 by The SxPLAY
  • Running out of Life by Alpha Legion
  • Road by Night Keepers
  • For Kimini Okuru Uta by The SxPLAY
  • Take That Ticket by The SxPLAY
  • Give by Night Keepers

A physical version of Voez is also available in selected regions, and is priced at $39.99 in the US. There’s also a free demo on the Nintendo eShop that you can try right now.