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The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is getting a performance patch

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The Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds is getting a much needed performance patch.

We’re big fans of The Outer Worlds here at Thumbsticks. Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi RPG is ambitious, colourful, funny, and, most importantly, not too big. The game was deservedly in contention for game of the year in 2019.

However, Nintendo Switch version released earlier this month is a mixed bag. It’s content complete – which is in itself impressive – but it’s a technical nightmare with blurry textures, distracting pop-in, and stuttering performance.

The critical consensus on the port was generally negative. In my review, I said: “As you might reasonably expect, environmental detail is stripped back. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes stripped back to N64-quality assets. Plantlife in the overworld is an obvious and ugly example, but everything feels like the wrong size of compromise.”

The good news is that Virtuos, the studio behind the port, is working on a sorely required performance update.

Last night, publisher Private Division tweeted: “A patch for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is in the works, and the team at Virtuos is investigating to further improve the game’s performance.” The tweet is accompanied by a gif of a bug literally being squashed.

The tone of the tweet isn’t 100% reassuring, but we’re glad to hear that improvements are on the way.

The Outer Worlds is not the first Nintendo Switch port to be released in rough shape. Ubisoft issued a wonky version of Assassin’s Creed III that was immeasurably improved by a post-release update. Likewise, the initial release of Saints Row: The Third had similar problems before Deep Silver patched the game.

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