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A new selection of discounts refreshes the PlayStation Store’s Totally Digital promotion.

It’s all change on the PlayStation Store this week, with two new sales focused on Japanese games launching in North America and Europe to celebrate Golden Week.

Here in Europe, the ongoing PlayStation Store Totally Digital sale is also getting a shake-up with a new range of indie and digital-only games added to the mix.

Highlights include 50% off Campo Santo’s first-person mystery game, Firewatch, a 38% reduction on Stardew Valley, and 60% off Jonathan Blow’s mind-bending, forehead-scrunching, puzzle adventure, The Witness.

Those are some of the big names, but the sale also provides a good opportunity to pick up various titles that you may have overlooked.

There’s a 59% discount on Housemarque’s Nex Machina, a 28% price cut for the enjoyable action-platformer, Iconoclasts, and a 25% reduction on the wonderful Hob, from the sadly defunct Runic Games.

The Totally Digital sale is now in full swing, and the current crop of discounts run until May 23, 2018. Head over to the PlayStation Store for the full lineup.

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