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Toy-Con Garage lets you make your own Nintendo Labo creations

Nintendo confirms new feature that will extend the life of Nintendo Labo kits.



Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Piano

Nintendo confirms new feature that will extend the life of Nintendo Labo kits.

We’re firmly in the thumbs-up category when it comes to Nintendo Labo, the upcoming range of Nintendo Switch cardboard creation kits. If we have one worry, however, it’s that the once the existing Toy-Con kits have been created, there won’t be a huge amount left to do.

These slight concerns have been assuaged by the confirmation that Nintendo Labo software will include a feature called Toy-Con Garage. This let’s budding builders create their own toys using existing shapes from the first set of Toy-Con kits, or any other random of piece of cardboard you might have lying around.

According to reports from those lucky enough to attend this week’s press event in New York, the feature lets you remix actions and reactions from the existing Toy-Con kits in interesting new ways. A new trailers shows a table tennis game, a working guitar, and some kind of vending machine.

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit will be released on April 20 in North America, and April 27 in Europe.

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