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Subscription PC gaming service Utomik officially launches today

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Utomik, the ambitious subscription PC gaming service, has today launched out of beta for a full release.

At launch, Utomik is listing over 750 games from 100 publishers, putting it firmly in competition with console services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, in terms of raw numbers at least.

Although the service is predominantly focussed on older titles, there are plenty of big names to be found. The launch lineup includes games from the Borderlands, Star Wars, Batman, Sonic, and Lego franchises, as well as a promising selection of indie titles. Utomik say that around 20 new games will be added to the platform each month.

Signed-up publishers include Warner Bros., Sega, Disney, Epic Games, and Curve Digital, with IO Interactive also set to bring their Hitman series to the service this summer.

Utomik costs $6.99/£5.99 a month for single user, or $9.99/£7.99 a month for a four-person Family Plan. Users who signed up before December 18, 2017 will continue to pay $5.99 a month while they remain subscribed. Users who joined between that date and today’s launch will keep the open beta price for the next twelve months. All new users can get a free 14-day trial.

Utomik is the one of a growing number of à la carte gaming subscription services, and although there is always the potential that having more games creates a paralysis of choice, Utomik’s well-received beta, and tempting price-point, make it an enticing prospect for customers happy to eschew the latest releases.

Head over to the Utomik website for more details.

And look at that. We didn’t mention “the Netflix of games” once.

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