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Is a digital-only Xbox One S about to be announced?

According to a new report, Microsoft is readying its new, disc-less version of the Xbox One S.



Xbox One S mini

According to a new report, Microsoft is readying its new, disc-less version of the Xbox One S for release in May.

Rumours of a new Xbox One model have been circulating since last November, when tech website Thurrott broke the story of a new digital-only console being developed under the codename, Maverick.

In a new report from Windows Central, the new model – which is tipped to go by the snappy title of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition – will be available to pre-order from mid-April, and released worldwide in May.


A hard drive-only Xbox One certainly fits with Microsoft’s service-based strategy that has so far given us Xbox Game Pass, and the upcoming streaming platform, Project xCloud. It also fits rather nicely with the company’s plans to roll out Xbox Live to multiple platforms, including smart phones, and the Nintendo Switch.

If nothing else, a product that can test the water for its next-generation Anaconda and Lockhart devices, and provide a cheaper entry point into the current console generation for new consumers, looks like being a smart bet.

If the report turns out to be accurate, it’s quite possible that we’ll get official confirmation of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition at the Game Developers Conference later this month, when Microsoft will also reveal more about its cross-platform plans for Xbox Live.

Source: Windows Central

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