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Xbox One digital releases for January 15-19, 2018

Here’s the full list of new video games coming to the Xbox One Digital Games Store between January 15-19, 2018.



Xbox One Games Store

Here’s the full list of games coming to the Xbox One Games Store between January 15-19, 2018.

There’s an intriguing set of games coming to the Xbox One Games Store this week, starting with InnerSpace from PolyKnight.

The game is not a long-overdue video game adaptation of the 1987 Martin Short movie, unfortunately, but it is a strikingly beautiful flying exploration game that evokes the likes of Journey and Abzû.


Also released on Xbox One this week is the console exclusive debut for Full Metal Furies, the new co-op action game from the makers of Rogue Legacy. It’s joined by 2064: Read Only Memories, the highly rated cyberpunk thriller game from MidBoss.

The week concludes with a welcome Xbox One outing for the classic paranormal adventure game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Here’s the full rundown of next week’s Xbox One digital releases:

Xbox One releases January 15-19, 2018

Monday January 15, 2018

  • No releases

Tuesday January 16, 2018

  • InnerSpace

Wednesday January 17, 2018

  • 2064: Read Only Memories
  • Full Metal Furies

Thursday January 18, 2018

  • No releases

Friday January 19, 2018

  • Beholder
  • Mutant Football League
  • The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • Vesta

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